The Benefits Of Using A Gutter Company In Olympia, WA

New gutters are a major investment. That is why a Gutter Company in Olympia Wa should handle the installation. Professionals come out and measure the perimeter of the house. This is the only legitimate way to give an estimate. Likewise, professionals explain the different types of gutters and make recommendations.

Professional Installation Is Recommended

Gutter Installation is not a do-it-yourself job. Further, not everyone can handle climbing a ladder. Likewise, professionals are licensed and bonded. If the gutter system is installed incorrectly, the installers must foot the bill. In addition, they are insured for any injuries sustained in a fall.

Common Types Of Gutters

Most homeowners opt for open gutters. That is because they are the most affordable. Open gutters are made from different materials including vinyl and aluminum. Vinyl gutters are the least expensive, starting at $1 per linear foot. On the downside, vinyl gutters are not as sturdy as others.

Other Materials Are Available

Aluminum gutters come in different colors and are rust-proof. They range between $5-$15 per foot. Heavy, durable steel gutters are a favorite of many professionals. They start at $4 per linear foot. There may be additional installation costs for steel gutters because they have to soldered.

Popular Gutter Guards

Despite the expense, gutter guards are very popular. These are covered gutters that prevent leaves and other debris from getting in. Several manufacturers make this type of gutter which must be professionally installed. Gutter guards start at $15 per linear foot. The Gutter Company in Olympia Wa offers some cheaper alternatives for homeowners. Mesh screens are available that fit over the top of an open gutter. Likewise, foam inserts can be purchased.

Maintenance Is Key To The Life Of A Gutter

All gutter systems need to be inspected at least twice a year. Fall leaves need to be cleaned out before winter. Further, pollen, buds and other debris accumulate in spring. Professionals recommend cleaning the roof to keep trash from falling in the gutters. Homeowners should also look out for ice accumulation. Ice is heavy and will cause gutters to fall. The best idea is to have a maintenance contract with the installer.

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