The Benefits of Using Ipamorelin for Muscle Building

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Health Care

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People who are looking to increase their muscle mass because of their involvement in body building or sports need to understand the various peptides available for use in this area. The peptide ipamorelin has quickly been gaining popularity as a growth hormone promoter that is more effective than the other types of growth hormone that are used for their muscle building properties.

Body Weight Gain

If you are trying to build muscle, you will actually want to see some body weight gain because the muscle naturally weighs more than the fat. During the research studies done on rats taking ipamorelin, it was discovered they would experience increases in the length of their bones, as well as their overall body weight, proving the peptide was working as it should. However, there were no increases in the production of IGF-1 or serum markers of bone development. This means the muscle growth occurred with less risk of bone deformity.

GH Levels

When you take a peptide, such as ipamorelin, one of the issues many people have is the increase in growth hormone, which can have a negative impact. Through studies, it has been shown this peptide provided changes to the body without impacting the production of natural GH. Some of these peptides have a tendency to reduce your body’s production of the natural growth hormone, which causes the opposite effect most people are looking for when they seek a product like this.

Hunger Levels

Many of the peptides that are used for muscle building and fat reduction also increase your hunger levels. While this is a side effect many people don’t need to concern themselves with because metabolism is also increased, those who are on a diet with restricted calories often have a problem with the increase in hunger. This makes ipamorelin the best choice to allow you to eat the restricted diet you need without worrying about feeling hungry.

There are many unique benefits to the use of ipamorelin. Unlike many of the other growth hormone producing peptides, this one will provide you with all the benefits you seek without some of the side effects you experience from the others. This includes positive body weight gain without the possibility of bone formations, a more consistent GH level so you don’t experience a drop in GH and normal hunger levels so you don’t feel as though you need to eat more than your restricted calorie diet allows.