The Best Instruments for Children to Learn

Music lessons teach your child coordination, self-discipline and much about the beauty of the arts. If you’ve been considering enrolling your child in a music school in Austin, it helps to understand which instruments are best for children to learn, and why.

The Piano

The piano is probably one of the most popular music lessons for children to take. The piano teaches a child excellent hand-eye coordination, not to mention the fine motor skills required for each hand to work independently of the other. Students who take piano lessons usually do better in school due to their increased abilities in concentration. Several studies have even shown that children who begin piano lessons show an increase in test scores and overall productivity in school.

The Guitar

If your child is a fan of pop, rock or country music, you might hear him asking you if they can have their own guitar. Tell them yes. The guitar is a great instrument for older children. Not only does it provide the same benefits as the piano, but guitar lessons can be more affordable. And if your child is one who claims classical music bores him, guitar may better keep their interest.

Drum Lessons

If your child starts running toward the drums, let them. Drumming teaches children fine motor skills. Even better, drumming will help you child grow stronger—just think of all the different types of drums there are for them to carry. Not to mention how often they’ll be waving their arms around. They’ll be exercising without even knowing they are, leading to an all-around healthier child. Drumming is also a great emotional release. If your child has trouble expressing anger in appropriate ways in school or at home, learning how to channel their emotions into a set of drums could be very beneficial.

It’s easy to see just how a music school in Austin will benefit your child. They will have fun playing the piano, the guitar, or the drums that they won’t even realize they’re learning valuable skills.

Allow your child to reap the benefits of music school in Austin. Get in touch with a music school in Austin to enroll them in classes today.

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