The Delicate Business of Shipping Antiques

Antiques are valuable and require great care, this is especially true when you need to transport them to a new location. The same goes for fine art and collectible. At Art Pack your valuables will receive the attention and care they deserve. Use their antique shipping service when you need to make shipping arrangements. Your items will be safely delivered via a personable team that will arrange all of the details for an uncomplicated process. It all starts with careful packing services and ends with safe delivery.

Get the Personalized Packing and Shipping Services You Require

Personalized packing ensure that your antiques are completely protected for shipping purposes. It does not matter what size or shape of the antiques are either. Experts have the knowledge needed to safely ship antiques following country specific regulations, as well. A combination of high-quality packing materials and customized wooden crates are used to transport antiques for collectors, owners, curators and dealers. Specialty transportation options also include well-padded options that protect valuable items such as three-dimensional sculptures, antiques and framed art.

It’s a Wrap!

The blanket wrap method is a popular padding method perfect for reusable and custom-built wooden crates. They help to safely move antiques as well as furnishings. If you have an item that is very fragile to move, and most antiques are fragile, the blanket wrap method is ideal. They are also perfect for items that are of strange shapes and sizes. Large pieces of art can easily be moved using this method, as well. Find out if it is the perfect solution when you discuss shipping options with the professionals. You will receive information that helps you make an informed decision. Art Pack has affordable and safe solutions to ensure the shipping process goes smoothly and your antiques are delivered safely.

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