The Design Advantages of Tinted Glass in Lancaster CA for Frameless Shower Doors

In color theory, a tint adds white to a color to lighten it, while a shade adds black to darken it. This is not how terminology works in the world of glass manufacturing, however. Tinted Glass in Lancaster CA has a color added to the material that gives it a hue instead of being totally clear. The hue can be very subtle or quite bold.

Tinted Frameless Shower Doors

Many homeowners are choosing Tinted Glass in Lancaster CA for their frameless shower doors when they have a custom home built or when they have a bathroom remodeling project done. Frameless doors give the room a sleeker look because of the drastically reduced amount of metal hardware.

Colored glass for shower doors is usually only slightly tinted, allowing the person bathing to see into the rest of the room. Homeowners who want more privacy in the shower may choose frosted or textured glass; this can be ordered in tinted versions as well. People who want more opaque colored doors can order those instead. Smoky gray, bronze and forest green are just a few of the possibilities.

Cost Considerations

Homeowners can expect to pay significantly more for all of those options in contrast to regular glass with no additional features. This is one reason why regular glass frameless shower doors are so commonly seen compared with other options. However, people who really want that added feature in the bathroom can order it and boost their satisfaction with their home.

Clear Doors With Dark Colors

Since tinting is normally minimal on shower door glass, virtually any color can be chosen while still allowing the glass to be relatively clear. Although it can seem hard to believe, even black tint can be used while still achieving clear doors.

Creative types and those who love fine interior design often choose tinted versions of frameless shower doors from a supplier such as Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company. These doors, even without the tint, add a more luxurious feel to the room. With the extra color, other effects can be achieved to complement the rest of the space.

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