The Details of Sod Placement by an Instant Lawn Supplier in McLean VA

Aside from having artificial grass installed, the only way to create a residential lawn in one day is to hire an Instant Lawn Supplier in McLean VA. Most property owners would never want a yard of artificial turf anyway, even if zoning codes were to allow it. They want the bright green appearance and soft texture of real grass, which can be installed as sod for fast results.

Sod placement can be done for nearly any size of yard, and it can be particularly useful so the new homeowners can start using the grass relatively soon for recreational purposes. If they have kids, they want the youngsters to be able to play outdoors and have fun while getting exercise and fresh air.

Soil Treatment and Seamless Installation

Before placing the sod, the technicians must make sure the soil is able to support and maintain healthy grass. Soil testing evaluates the nutrient levels and balance. They may need to add nutrients before installing the turf. Seamless installation is essential because gaps allow weeds to grow through. Gaps also can lead to a somewhat bumpy appearance instead of an even expanse of greenery.

Early Maintenance

Some waiting time is necessary so the grass roots fully integrate with the earth beneath the sod patches. There is only a thin layer of soil underneath the sod grass as placed by an instant lawn supplier in McLean VA. The representatives will explain how long to wait and how the grass should be watered for best results. It must be watered for the same amount of time every day at first unless significant rainfall occurs. The crew also will water the sod before they leave.

Keeping the Grass Healthy

A sod installation company like Premier Turf Farms provides advice on how to keep the grass healthy and avoid problems. The customers can call at any time and ask questions if they aren’t sure about maintenance or think a problem might be brewing. The edge on one side might be infiltrated by a neighbor’s weed patch, for example. Any unexpected issues that might occur with the grass are best addressed promptly to prevent them from worsening.

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