The Different Types of Glass

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Automotive

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Glass as a material has been with us for several years and all one has to do is look around to see the value that it adds to our lives. There are several uses for glass because it comes in different variations in strength. The production of this material is done all over the world because of the many areas in our lives that it is needed. It is generally strong but fragile. Its reflective nature is also one of the reasons why it is found in the different areas where it is used.

The aesthetic value of glass Naples, FL also cannot be underestimated. It is this aesthetic value that has made it the material of choice on doors and furniture in the home. Glass Naples, FL is also an excellent material because it can accommodate different changes like drawings that are made on it. This is common on things like church doors and on utensils. There are many types of glass in the market. They are mainly categorised according to the method of production and strength. This also determines where they are used. Some of the types include:

Float- Gets its name as a result of the method that is used to produce it. During the processing it is melted then floated onto tin to reduce distortion and also make it flat. This type is mainly used for making windows.

Self cleaning- This type has been coated with a coating that is photocatalytic. This allows it to use ultraviolet rays from the sun to break down any organic dirt that might be on it. In addition it has hydrophilic properties that make it wash away the dirt that was broken down before. These two properties make this type of glass remain clean in most cases. It is used mainly in windshields because of these properties.

* Toughened- This is float glass that has been treated to ensure that it is strong. The treatment involves heating it until it is soft then rapidly cooling it. Treatment is done after cutting has been done otherwise any attempt to cut will shatter it. It is mainly used on furniture like tables.

* Picture frame- This type are extremely transparent but lack reflective properties. This is because a frame should not show reflections when someone is trying to view the picture.

* Mirrors- This is used mainly for reflection when we want to look at our image. They are one of the popular types. One side is clear while the other side is painted to make it reflective.

It is important to know these types so that you can understand where to use them when you need them. They can be easily bought in shops that specialise in this material.

Glass Naples FL – There are many types of glass in the market. It is important to know them so that they can be used in the right way. Visit our website for more information.