The Endodontists in California MD Can Save Your Teeth With a Root Canal

Root canals are procedures that can allow a tooth to be saved from necrosis. Although many fear root canal procedures, they are not as painful as most people think. The endodontists in California MD can protect a person’s tooth health and prevent the ongoing pain that can be caused when severe decay or infection strikes. Knowing what to expect from this procedure helps to prevent needless nervousness and fear that can sometimes prevent a person from seeking needed dental treatment.

It is important individuals know they will be under anesthesia throughout their root canal so no pain will be felt. This also helps with pain immediately after the procedure and keeps a person numb for a couple of hours. Most people say the pain of a root canal is minor and comparable to having a tooth filled. Most of the discomfort comes from the injections.

Once the tooth and surrounding area are numb, the dentist will open the top of the tooth so access to the inside can be granted. The dentist will need to remove the soft tissues that are inside of the tooth because once they become diseased, the tooth can begin to die quickly. The nerves are located inside this tissue and will need to be removed so the patient does not continue to experience pain.

The dentist will remove all the soft tissues and then will work on cleaning out the canals and reshaping them. This part of the procedure is carried out using minute canal files that are able to fit down into the canals and work on shaping and defining them.

After the canals have been cleaned and shaped, the entire inner portion of the tooth is filled with a material called gutta-percha. This spongy material does not break when the tooth expands and contracts and most naturally mimics the natural tooth tissue.

The endodontists in California MD will then seal the tooth so it is strong enough to withstand chewing pressure without damage. It is important a person cares for their tooth just as they would before it was treated with a root canal so no damage occurs.

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