The Essence of Social and Emotional Learning Development

The way people feel impacts greatly on the way they act and react to different situations and environments. Previously, academic curricula never had anything to do with social and emotional learning development. The effect of this is very evident in society.  However, over time, this learning has come to the limelight and has gained lots of popularity. When children are trained to master their emotional intelligence for instance, it results in avoidance of risky behavior, improved performance academically, strong friendships as they learn to be sensitive to others, reduction in behavior associated with violence, minimal disruptive behavior, good health and success in life among others. This kind of learning is not only beneficial in school but is also very helpful at home.

The emphasis of social and emotional learning development is management of feelings, friendships and solving problems. These are all very vital life skills that go along way in supporting a child’s well being and the overall mental health of the child. Social and emotional skills are very helpful when it comes to helping a child deal with difficulties of whatever nature. Compared to those who have not undertaken this learning, children who have social and emotional skills will normally find it easy to resolve conflicts, relate with others, manage their lives and have a positive feeling about themselves.

Social and emotional learning development teaches children the importance of positive relationships and has become an antidote for bullying in many schools. They become respectful and caring to others, even appreciating taking responsibility for each other. Teaching children how to recognize and respond to emotions, effective communication and how to think through challenging circumstances reduce their sense of frustration in school and home. Social and emotional learning is therefore applauded for teaching children very practical skills that children learn and apply intentionally to situations that they occur in their daily lives.

For children who are very vulnerable to mental health problems, learning skills like self awareness, conflict resolution and effective communication will be very helpful in preventing further development of these mental difficulties. These skills make children very resilient with a capacity to stay calm and composed as they figure a solution in the face of tough situations. This learning has actually been established to literally catapult children to very high levels of academic performance because of their reasoning capacities and cooperation with their teachers and parents. Social and emotional learning development keep the children motivated for success in life. There are quite a number of social and emotional factors that affect student’s learning including their relationship with peers, teachers and parents. How they look at themselves and their abilities is also very crucial. Social and emotional learning development addresses all these factors appropriately and leaves children well equipped.

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