The Experience Of Earning An MBBS In The USA

In India, as other countries around the world, getting into medical school is perhaps the most difficult task across all possible academic disciplines. Students not only have to compete against each other but also against the total numbers possible and the allotted number of new students that can be accepted based on a variety of factors.

Private colleges may be able to accept some students, but this can be very costly, making it difficult for students and families. A good option for many students and one that offers a range of advantages is to consider earning an MBBS in the USA.

The Options

Most students from India that are accepted into the mainland universities across America have substantial financial support from their families. American colleges do not provide financial aid for most international students attending medical programs, which creates a challenge.

A better option is to consider completing an MBBS in the USA in St. Lucia. This is an island in the West Indies with a cooperative relationship with the United States. Students completing their degree here will earn an MD, just as in a mainland university, which will be equivalent to an MBBS in India.

The Advantages

Obtaining an MBBS in the USA, specifically in St. Lucia, provides the student with cost savings, quality education as well as a University that is specifically designed and operated as a medical school. Additionally, students from India have been attending St. Lucia medical schools for decades, many who have gone on to be recognized specialists in their respective medical fields.

This focus and specialization provide students with state-of-the-art equipment, labs, simulation laboratories and expert faculty with experience in training international students. This is a great advantage to Indian students, providing a sense of community while also allows the students to enjoy one of the most beautiful campuses and communities anywhere in the world. 

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