The Flange Pack: A Winning Combination Of Flanges And A Gasket

The simple, unassuming flange comes in a variety of types including:

• Blind
• Lap Joint
• Orifice
• Slip-on
• Socket Weld
• Threaded
• Weld Neck

It is a device for connecting or creating an association with pipes, pumps or valves. Together with a gasket, two flanges can create a flanged joint. Put several flanges together with a gasket, and you have a winning combination – a flange pack.

What Is a Flange Pack?

Flange packs are, as the name suggests, a number of flanges. They come with a gasket. The packs are available in different sizes. The hardware for the flanges is comprised of diverse metal with the most common being:

• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Zinc
• Zinc-plated

The flanges may also receive a rilsan coating if it is for use in the water industry. In general, the pipe-joining flange gaskets are not of metal but of red rubber.

Industrial Use

Flanges and gaskets find use in a variety of industries. However, many end up where they help maintain safe and highly functional connections and associations between pipes. Yet, no matter what industry they serve, all flanges must meet certain ASTM specifications. The requirements relate to the various applications. The most common are:

• ASTM A105: Refers to the standard requisite for forged carbon steel piping components employed in pressure systems at the temperature of the surrounding environment or higher

• ASTM A182: For consideration where the pipe flanges employed in high-temperature conditions are of forged, rolled alloy or stainless steel

• ASTM A350: This is for low-temperature service where the flanges are carbon or low alloy ring rolled or forged steel.

Flange Pack

Flanges act as an excellent means of connecting or associating pipes. A flange pack allows further extension of this capability. In all instances, the selection requires an understanding of the types of flanges. It also necessitates complete comprehension of what ASTM specifications for piping applications

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