The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine While You Are in San Diego, CA

While wine has definitely seen a resurgence in popularity as of late, many people are still blind to the fact that there are some surprising health benefits when it comes to drinking wine in San Diego, CA.


Nuritionists recommend consuming anything that is rich in antioxidants and wine is no exception. Basically, antioxidants are healthy because they negate the effects of free radicals, which can cause stress and damage to the cells of your body. Consuming an abundance of antioxidants can keep you feeling and looking young.

Prevents Inflammation

If you experience chronic inflammation, there is a major risk of it leading to diseases such as heart disease and cancer. One of the major ways to reduce inflammation in the body is through diet, and one of the most enjoyable ways to introduce these inflammation-fighting properties into the body is by drinking wine.

Heart Healthy

Research has shown that the number of polyphenols found in wine is responsible for moderate wine drinkers having fewer reported cases of heart disease than those who do not drink moderate amounts of wine. Some studies also show that modest wine intake can lower blood pressure. However, the opposite is true when excessive amounts were ingested.

Long Life

Some scientists have discovered that people who drink quality wine in San Diego, CA, tend to live a longer life than those who do not. While further research certainly needs to be done to prove cause and effect, the initial results are promising.

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