The History Behind Backwoods UK Cigars

Over time, different trends in the development of cigars have led to various options in flavors and cigar styles. Originally, cigars were developed with an emphasis on the flavor of the tobacco and did not use artificial or significant natural flavorings to create the flavors popular over the last few decades.

Today, some of the most popular cigar brands have reversed this course, going back to the original focus on using only quality tobacco to create a smooth, satisfying flavor. Backwoods UK cigars use 100% tobacco that is all natural Connecticut Broadleaf.

The Difference Tobacco Makes

While most people associate tobacco production in the United States with the southern states, a particular type of crop, known as the Connecticut shade tobacco or broadleaf tobacco is grown throughout the states of Massachusetts, Vermont and, Connecticut.

It is a tobacco that can be used for both the binder as well as the wrapper, and it is grown under tents to ensure the proper shade conditions. There is some sunlight provided to the growing crops, but it is extremely diffuse and raising both heat and humidity under the cover for optimal growth conditions.

This tobacco is aged at least one year, also under extremely carefully controlled conditions. The result is a superior smoke in the Backwoods UK cigars that is very similar to the rare and expensive cigar imports but offers a reasonably priced smoke for anyone who enjoys a great cigar.

Options Available

While the focus on the Backwoods UK brand is always on the quality, smoothness and solid draw of these smaller sized cigars, they do offer some flavors in their lineup of products.

These flavors are a natural match for the tobacco and include honey, honey berry, black and sweet, honey bourbon and sweet aromatic flavor varieties.

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