The Home Of Chicago Improv

If you love comedy you will love the home of Chicago Improv! Improv is an art form that was founded in Chicago.  Most comedy fans know that there is a long connection of improv to the area but many are not aware that it actually got started in the area.  The roots of this method were laid down in the heart of the city.

The One Club

There is one club that is not only the home of improv but also the leading school in improvisation. The club calls Chicago home, but it has numerous shows in other major markets like Toronto and Hollywood as well as appearances in overseas theaters like London.
When you think of a comedy club the setting of this club does not exactly fit the image. This is a historical institution that has been in place since 1959. It is a hybrid of sorts that offers great entertainment and valuable instruction.

The Alumni

The long list of alumni include Ed Asner, Alan Alda, Dan Aykroyd, Christina Anthony, Bill Applebaum and that is just some of the names from the beginning of the alphabet.  There is a litany of very famous comedians/actors that got their start at this club.

If you follow comedy you know by now what club this has to be about.

See the Best

Before you buy a ticket to any other show in town buy one to see the show tonight and have an experience you will never forget at The Second City. This world renowned improv club will be the one experience that you can never duplicate anywhere else. You can sit in the theater where legends were born! There are not many clubs that are still open that can lay claim to the years and years of success that this club has experienced. To know more visit The Second City.

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