The Importance Of A Backflow Preventer

Backflow is something that many homeowners don’t think about yet should due to the danger it poses to drinking water. What is backflow? As any plumber in Smyrna, TN will tell you, it is basically what happens when the water flow in a home’s plumbing system reverses and begins flowing the opposite way from what was intended. This can result in contaminated and unusable water. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening, the primary one being the installation of a backflow preventer.

A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that a plumber in Smyrna, TN can install for you. When properly installted and tested, it prevents water from flowing the wrong direction and is typically installed on the main water supply line to a building or property. Many municipalities require the installation of a backflow prevention system as well as annual inspections of the backflow preventer services to ensure overall public health and safety. The risk of serious illness is great and real and therefore it is important that you work with a plumber in Smyrna, TN that has true expertise in this area. Anyone that uses the water in your home will benefit from the installation of an active, ongoing backflow preventer.

While it is the local cities that require the installation and regular inspections of backflow preventers, it is the responsibility of individual homeowners to install and maintain them. Due to the risk posed to anyone in the home as well as to the public should any cross-contamination occur, it behooves any homeowner to find and hire a licensed plumber in Smyrna, TN to install the backflow preventer as well as to inspect and maintain the backflow preventer on a regular basis. It will be necessary to have the system replaced at some point, as with most things in a home but the ongoing inspection and maintenance servicing will help to identify those times well before a problem may occur, saving the homeowner great concern, cost and potential illness.

There are different types of backflow preventers services and you can ask your plumber for advice on which is right for your configuration. Getting expert advice all along the way will be the best way to keep everyone safe.

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