The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Local Disability Benefits Attorney

The process of applying for and getting Social Security disability benefits can be complicated and time-consuming. The court demands an extensive amount of information from you even before your hearing is scheduled. You could soon begin to feel overwhelmed and at a loss of how to proceed.

Rather than get lost in all of the paperwork, you can get the help and guidance that you need to get your case filed when you hire one of the Social Security disability lawyers in San Francisco, CA. Your lawyer can improve your chances of winning the benefits that you need the first time that you apply.

Compiling the Evidence

One of the main reasons that you need to retain one of the experienced Social Security disability lawyers in San Francisco, CA, involves compiling all of the evidence that the judge needs to decide in your favor. When you have a disabling illness or injury, you have to be able to show the judge that you are so ill or hurt that you cannot return to work. The judge must understand that you have no way of earning an income to support yourself or your family.

Your lawyer can tell you what doctors or hospitals to visit to obtain the necessary medical proof. These documents can then be submitted to the court well before the date of your hearing.

Appealing the Case

If your first petition is denied, you can file an appeal right away. Your lawyer can refile the case and get another hearing scheduled within a few weeks after your initial denial. You can petition the court again to reconsider and award you the benefits to which you are entitled.

You can find out more about filing for disability online. Contact Patrick J Kelly Law Office at today.

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