The Job of a Corporate Litigation Attorney in Santa Barbara, CA

There are many different types of attorneys with different specialties. One of these specialties is the corporate litigation attorney. Litigation attorneys are also known as litigators or trial lawyers, and their specialty is in representing their clients throughout the litigation process including investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal.

Corporate Litigation Attorneys

A corporate litigation attorney in Santa Barbara, CA is a litigation lawyer who represents businesses and corporations. His or her job can include anything from avoiding litigation to litigating and managing business disputes.

Investigation, Pleadings, and Discovery

When a corporate litigation attorney conducts an initial inquiry, he or she is going to review the case and see what evidence there is. This can include talking to potential witnesses, gathering documents, and potentially engaging in pre-litigation settlements to keep the case out of court.

The litigation lawyer will then draft a variety of pleadings and motions on behalf of his or her client. These can include motions to strike, dismiss, amend, and change the venue for the case.

The discovery process is the exchange of information between the parties to the lawsuit. This includes interrogatories, depositions, and requests for production and admission. The discovery process also includes examining physical evidence. The attorney is hoping to gain relevant information to be able to formulate a case strategy.

Pre-Trial, Trial, Settlement, and Appeal

The pre-trial and trial portion of a trial require that the corporate litigation attorney be busy around the clock getting ready to bring the case to trial and then presenting his or her case to the judge. During the trial, the attorney is going to present his or her opening and closing statements, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and create a compelling story for the judge and jury through testimony and evidence.

Most cases never reach trial and instead are settled to eliminate the risk and expense of going to trial. During settlement, corporate litigation attorneys will negotiate with opposing parties and create a settlement brochure.

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