The Last Three Days of December and the Best NYC Events to Take a Bus in York PA

New York City is the best place to see during the Christmas season. Those living in Pennsylvania often visit the city for the month of December to witness some of the excitement and the spectacle. Below are three major events that end up occurring right at the end of the month that are all worth exploring for their world renowned popularity.

New Year’s Eve in Times Square: Dec 31

Plan now to visit Times Square this New Year’s Eve. Taking a car, there is completely impractical. The plans for New Year’s Eve in Times Square need to be planned months in advance, but it is not too late to make that a reality. The greatest aspect of taking a Bus in York PA to NYC is the social aspect. A large group could go together and potentially meet up with another whole group. It is a social experiment in the making. On a practical level, a group has an agreeable spot to meet at when the evening comes to a close. The bus trip also goes to Atlantic City, which is quickly growing as a New Year’s Eve location. If Times Square is too ambitious, it is a great alternative.

Holiday Shopping Specials: Dec 30

The penultimate day of the year is Dec 30th, and the bus trip can run right into the heart of New York City for the famous Holiday Shopping adventure. Classic boutiques and specialty shops throughout the city have collectively agreed to offer huge discounts on the 30th. That type of adventure is unrivaled and exciting, and it makes for an especially exciting bus trip into the city.

Radio City Christmas Show: Dec 29

The Radio City Christmas Show on Broadway is a worldwide famous event. The show sells out every single year, and it is a majestic and sensational spectacle. The show runs throughout the month of December nearly every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. But, it is the last show of the year that captures the most attention.

Taking a Bus in York PA to any of the above “end of the year” events is especially freeing. Visit the official website of Conestoga Tours for more on taking a tour as the year wraps up once again.

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