The Latest Trends In Bathroom Designs In Carlsbad

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great way to transform the interior of a home while increasing the overall value of the property. The idea of designing a new bathroom can quickly become overwhelming, as there are a vast array of choices and design options that can make it complicated to determine which elements will be best suited for a project. The following is an overview of the latest trends in Bathroom Designs in Carlsbad, and how they can make a bathroom more functional and increase its overall beauty.

Floating Vanities

Standard vanities are designed to sit on the floor, and while still a viable option, the latest trend is to install a floating vanity that is secured to the wall and opens up a room by providing an unobstructed view of the floor. Installing a floating vanity is not overly complicated, and the plumbing fixtures attach in the same way as with a traditional vanity sink. Most come in either one or two sink designs, which makes them perfect for any size bathroom.

Ceramic Wood Tiles

The flooring used in a bathroom should be able to withstand exposure to water, and while hardwood provides natural beauty, it is usually not able to stand up to the extreme moisture associated with bathrooms. Flooring manufacturers have remedied this issue by creating ceramic tiles that have the look of wood, which can give any bathroom a modern and updated look while providing unparalleled durability and being easy to clean and maintain.

Rainfall Showers

Plumbing fixtures have evolved over the past several years, and one of the most sought-after shower head designs are those that provide the look and feel of natural rainfall. It is critical to determine if this is a desired feature in Bathroom Designs in Carlsbad early in the project, as it will be necessary to run plumbing to the ceiling so that the rain-head can provide a natural rain effect and turn any shower into a relaxing oasis.

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