The Many Advantages of Sliding Table Saws

Whether you are a DIYer or run a professional carpentry shop having the right tool for the job is always top of mind. When space and budget are issues you want to be certain you are purchasing the best machinery that will give you the most use while keeping down costs and not taking up valuable floor space. Sliding table saws offer many uses, are versatile and inexpensive making them a perfect tool for any wood shop. Here are some of the advantages of sliding table saws:

1. Cross Cuts: Sliding table saws make perfect cross cuts due to the large T-slot on the table. This allows for precision cuts far superior to that made using a radial saw as the heavy duty outrigger table works perfectly with a stop as opposed to the pile of jigs often required with radial saws.

2. Clever Accessories: Sliding table saws also come with clever accessories that add to their adaptability. Parallel cutting devices that clamp to the edge of the table allow for precision ripping.

3. Accuracy: Sliding tables are designed to handle large quantities of large stock. They do so with excellent accuracy and can handle large piles easily without interfering with the precision of the cut.

4. Crosscut Fence: The moveable cross cut fence allows sliding table saws to be used as a mitre gauge on many models and can be set up within a fraction of an inch when required.

5. One Machine for the Job: Because of its versatility you do not have to move your wood from machine to machine. You simply reset for your needs and proceed.

6. Dual Purpose Fence: Many models come with a dual purpose fence with a high and low position. It can be used as a stop if required when you are cutting multiple pieces.

7. Safety: Sliding table saws are far safer than the table saw. You position the wood on the table which slides as opposed to you having to guide the material through the saw.

As you can see there are many advantages to sliding table saws which can make them an indispensible tool in your wood working shop.


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