The Many Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron Skillets in North Carolina

Wondering what to do with your new 10 inch cast-iron skillet? When cooking at home with any sort of cast iron, the possibilities become virtually endless!

Cooking With Cast Iron

There are many benefits to cooking with cast iron, as it can take on many types of cuisine and types of cooking. It’s great for searing and frying and can even be used in the oven. These qualities make cast iron very versatile and useful in the cooking process.

But the benefits of cast iron don’t stop at how well it cooks. Cast iron is also great for a whole host of other reasons including easy cleanup, being non-stick, durability, being less expensive than other options, and being chemical-free, in most cases.

What Meals Cook Best With Cast Iron

As previously mentioned, cast iron skillets are great for cooking a variety of foods, but there are certain foods that you absolutely can’t go wrong with when cooking with cast iron.

One of the best-known uses of a cast-iron skillet is for cooking steak. By creating the perfect sear on the stove and then popping it in the oven to maintain the steak’s juiciness and moisture, a cast-iron skillet is a true winner when it comes to serving up T-bones and ribeye’s.

They also make great pizzas, cookies, and even eggs, once you can get the hang of it. As you go, you’re bound to produce your own tried and true uses for this cooking all-star that will make you realize that your cast iron skillet was worth every penny.

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