The Many Steps Involved in Fire Damage Restoration Albany

Homeowners that have experienced a fire inside of their home know how invading and frightening an incident like this can be. However, if the fire was contained, the glimmer of hope is that qualified fire damage restoration Albany can restore a home that was affected by a fire. So long as the home isn’t declared a complete loss, the skilled work of a restoration service can often time restore a home to be better than new.

Structural Considerations

Small fires can create some significant damage, but if the structure of the home hasn’t been compromised, restoration is still possible. Even when some structural pieces are compromised because of a fire, temporary walls or beams can be put into place to keep areas of the house secure while the restoration work gets underway.

Water and Smoke Damage

With fire damage, there will likely be water damage as well. In these instances, the first order of business is to mitigate the water. This will preserve surfaces and home possessions. Smoke damage is something to consider as well, as soot can damage many items and materials and it’s best to clean it up as soon as possible.

Fire Damage Repairs

Once the water has been removed, the home is dried out, and the soot has been removed from flooring, walls, and other home surfaces, the actual fire damage can be addressed. Charred or destroyed stud walls, drywall, or any other building materials will be removed and replaced. If structural pieces have been compromised, these supports will be removed and replaced as needed.

Finishing Touches

From there, the finishing touches will happen. Flooring and furniture will be cleaned and deodorized. Existing drywall and new drywall will be painted and, if needed, new flooring will be installed. In essence, all of the finishing touches to make the home ready for the homeowners to move back in will be completed.

Fire damage can be extensive and devastating. However, it isn’t the end of your home, even if it looks that way. With professional fire damage restoration Albany, your home can be restored to look like nothing ever happened. It may be hard to imagine, especially after a fire, but it’s the sort of thing that a Professional Fire Restoration Service does all the time.

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