The Many Uses Of Nylon Washers

Although washers are very simple mechanical components they play an important role in numerous fastening applications. The type of washer and the material that it is made from depends on the application. Generally speaking, washers are used to distribute fastener pressure over a wider range and save the material surface from damage.

Nylon is a phenomenally versatile material and is used in a wide variety of applications, even including clothing. It is used in industry due to the ease of machining, its durability, its resistance to chemicals and abrasion and it is flexible. These are the main reasons why nylon washers are so popular.

The advantages of nylon washers include:

  • Durability: Nylon washers are often used in applications where the fastener will be opened and closed frequently. The material absorbs shock and vibration.
  • Chemical resistance: Nylon is a material which is unaffected by most chemicals, it does not corrode nor does it rust when exposed to chemicals.
  • Sealing: As nylon will compress slightly when subjected to pressure, nylon washers are perfect where sealing of the joint is required.
  • Insulation: As the material is non-metallic is a perfect insulator, this makes them ideal for use in the manufacture and installation of electrical and electronic products and components.
  • Lightweight: In situations where weight is important, nylon washers can contribute to weight reduction.
  • Cost effective: Nylon washers are less costly than washers made from metal.

Nylon washers can be found in many different applications. They are often used in the manufacture of medical equipment as they are resistant to corrosion and mold. Because the material is “tough” it is found in military equipment. The oil and gas industry uses nylon washers because of their abrasion resistance and the fact the material is non-flammable.

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