The Most Common Issues That Can Be Remedied By A Water Treatment Supplier In Cedar Rapids IA

Homeowners that experience problems with their water know the struggles associated with water that is full of contaminants. Not only can it lead to unwanted foul odors and cause damage to household plumbing fixtures, but it can be unsafe to consume and threaten the safety of a family. A Water Treatment Supplier in Cedar Rapids IA can help by utilizing technology to clean the water that enters a home and ensure it is safe for drinking and void of any harmful substances that can make it unpleasant to use. The following are the most common water problems that should be addressed by a professional.

Increased Hydrogen Sulfide

Individuals on a well water system are likely to experience increased levels of hydrogen sulfide in their water, which will lead to an unpleasant rotten egg smell that can be nauseating. In addition to its unpleasant odor, water that is high in sulfur is also likely to taste bitter. A water filtration system can help by removing the excess levels of hydrogen sulfide and ensure the water that passes through a home’s pipes is free of foul odors.

Earthy/Fishy Odor And Taste

Bacteria grows everywhere, and while some bacteria can be healthy and expected in water, a large amount can cause water to have a fishy odor. If a homeowner experiences this, they should stop consuming their water immediately, as it could be an indicator of dangerous bacteria that could harm those who drink it. A filtration system that uses UV light will be able to sanitize the water and kill harmful bacteria before it enters a home.

Hard Water

One of the most annoying water problems is hard water, as it can leave toilets, tubs, and sinks stained and give water a metal like taste. A Water Treatment Supplier in Cedar Rapids IA can utilize a water softener to remove excess hardness and ensure water is not only soft but void of unpleasant flavors. The most common indicator of hard water is the presence of red stains in plumbing fixtures, which is caused by rust due to an increased level of metals.

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