The Most Sought After Washroom Accessories In Philadelphia PA

Commercial bathrooms are exposed to a good deal of foot traffic, especially in public areas such as airports and convention centers. One of the best ways for a company to make their bathrooms more convenient to use is to install an array of Washroom Accessories in Philadelphia PA. This can provide a more comfortable experience for customers and give a company a positive reputation. While there are many types of accessories that are popular, the ones below are those that are the most sought after. Consider adding these elements to make a using a public bathroom a more pleasant experience.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic dispensers and faucets are very popular in commercial restrooms. Not only can they help prevent the spread of disease, but it can allow a user to feel more at ease when using a public restroom facility. Each sink should have an individual soap dispenser, so each user can clean their hands without having to wait for others. An automatic machine can also reduce the amount of cleaner that is used and prevent soap from ending up on floors and counter tops.

Hand Driers

Electric dryers are known for quickly removing moisture from a person’s hands, and can be more efficient than traditional paper towels. Also, they can lead to less waste and less expense, which can keep a bathroom facility looking great for less money. Most hand dryers are wall mounted and are activated via a motion sensor or when the user depresses a button that is located on the front of the machine.

Hands-Free Door Openers

The handles on the door of a bathroom are the one area that is cleaned the least, yet is exposed to the most germs. This prompts most people to use a paper towel when leaving a public facility. Make opening a door without paper towels a possibility by installing hands-free door openers. A small metal bracket that is attached to the lower corner of the door allows individuals to use their shoes to exit the bathroom and prevents them from having to come in contact with a door knob.

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