The New Chevy Impala Is Nothing Like Its Predecessors

It seems like the Chevy Impala has been around forever, 1958 is a long time for any marquee, especially in this day and age when consumers are more inclined to go for a vehicle with more space and the “high off the road” configuration of an SUV. Before jumping into buying what is really little more than a truck, consumers should give a lot of thought about visiting their Chevy in Naperville dealer and giving the new Impala a good hard look.

    *   The Chevy Impala’s roots:

Time has not always been on the side of the Chevy Impala, over the years sales dived and interest in the car waned. For a long time the Impala was only treated to a batch of new colors, a new flex-fuel engine and of course, on-star. The big buyers; police and the rental companies were the major buyers. Even with these two big buyers, the numbers were not really impressive as Chevy in Naperville focused on the profit making SUVs.

    *   How times have changed:

The tenth edition of the Chevy Impala was launched in 2013, this was far more than cosmetics that it saw in the past, it was a real “ground up” makeover; the car was made longer, sleeker and far more up-market. In 2013 the Impala was Consumer Reports highest scoring sedan. This in itself was a remarkable fete as no US made sedan in the previous 20 years had been given such accolades.

If you are looking to get away from the SUV scene and get into a Chevy in Naperville that has a real dose of attitude then you will definitely want to include the Impala on your shopping list. With 19 inch aluminum wheels, “big” shoulders and a huge trunk it is a sedan that simply is all alone in its class.

If you are looking for an award winning, US manufactured sedan then you will want to visit Chevy in Naperville and test drive the improved Impala. You are invited to visit Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet and dont’t forget to like our Facebook page.

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