The Occasions to Hand Out Fun School Supplies

School is not always fun for every child, but when parents and teachers do everything they can to make it a little more exciting, the excitement can catch on. Whether you have a child who loves school or one who gets anxious at the thought of going, providing them with fun school supplies to use is a great way to make it more exciting. There are a variety of supplies, such as notebooks, erasers, markers, sticky notes and pens that can make school a little more fun when made to be cute or silly.

Start of School

When children first start a new year, it is an exciting time. For some kids, it is a time of pure anxiety. Supplying your child with unique markers, pens, erasers and various other standard school supplies can make their time a little more exciting. Everyone rushes to the first day of school to show off their new clothes, hair style and school supplies, which makes finding unique and fun items a must for every child.

Birthday Party Treats

Many schools are cracking down on food treats, requesting instead that parents provide non-food treats to celebrate their child’s birthday. Rather than giving the children another trinket that will get tossed in the garbage, provide them with fun school supplies they can make use of in the classroom. There is nothing boring about handing out uniquely shaped sticky notes, pens with cute patterns or erasers in fun shapes.

Rewards at School

The days of picking a prize out of the treasure box are still going strong. When teachers stock their boxes with items kids can get excited about and use in school, everyone wins. The teacher can be proud of the fact she is providing prizes that will be used in an effort to increase a child’s education and the child feels as if he did something really great to receive such a unique and fun prize.

Fun school supplies make school, birthday treats and rewards from the teacher a lot more fun. While there are many prizes kids can win to take home, chances are they get tossed or lost in the large pile of other toys they already own. When you provide children with supplies that are cute enough to be considered a toy but functional enough to use in school, you give children a way to be excited about school once again.

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