The Perfect St. Thomas Wedding Reception

Clear skies, beaches, pineapples and palm fronds all make for the perfect St. Thomas wedding reception. The bride could choose to have the reception outside or inside. If there is any chance the weather will not cooperate, the bride might be more comfortable in having the reception inside because there is no reason why the outside cannot be brought inside. This means the tropical colors, tastes and sights.

Creating the Ambience

The ambience of the tropical environment of a St. Thomas Wedding Reception is soft aqua and pale pink colors. These colors can be created in the reception space with indirect lighting behind sheer curtains hung around the space. This method can be used if the space is too big and it is necessary to size it down. It can also be done around the actual perimeter of the space.

Palm trees are a mark of the tropical environment so from a nursery, the wedding planner can rent some palm trees still in the planters. These can be placed around the space casually.

Buffet Tables

Around the three sides of the perimeter of the space for the St. Thomas wedding reception will be three long table arrangements to accommodate the reception food. Each of the long table areas will be covered with large palm fronds acting as table coverings. If the fronds are left on the table for several hours, they will start to conform to the shape of the table.

The first table will be a colorful luscious arrangement of tropical fruits in pineapple and coconut bowls. The fruits will be cut up in chunks or segments for oranges and grapefruits. One section of the table will be devoted to tropical virgin drinks, as well as alcoholic drinks, to refresh the guests.

The second table will be the arrangement of the entree for the St. Thomas wedding reception. The entree could be a pineapple crusted chicken breast or a roasted beef steak sautéed in tropical wine. The vegetables will be a variety of potatoes, marinated carrots and a selection of native beans.

The third table will be a collection of exquisite chocolate cake and mousse, pineapple pie and orange cream cake with whipped cream.

Guest Seating

The St. Thomas wedding reception will have tables for the guest seating in the center of the space. The table cloths will be a rich pink rose color with a lace overlay. All your guests will be able to fully enjoy the atmosphere of your tropical wedding.

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