The Possibilities are Endless for Custom Tee Shirts in Kansas City

Businesses, clubs, and organizations may all benefit from custom tee shirts in Kansas City. Tee shirts can add a level of cohesiveness that makes the wearer look professional in every way. The shirts can be customized to include logos, names and even a catchy phrase that will make others take notice. Business Name has a wide selection of tee shirts to choose from, including screen printed shirts, embroidered shirts, patches, and special request items, all of which can be customized with a variety of printing techniques.

Screen Printed Tees

Screen printed tees are appropriate for any type of group, from schools and spirit wear to sports teams and restaurant employees. An original design can be created to personalize the shirts in a way that exemplifies what the group is all about. Shirts can be printed using 1-12 colors, metallic inks, 3-D puffs, and a host of other items that can turn each shirt into an original piece of art.

Embroidered Shirts

Embroidery and monograms can upgrade anything that they are used on. With a multitude of background colors to work with, the graphic arts department can digitize any design that a customer wants. Turn around time is fast, and even sweatshirts can be enhanced with embroidered touches and monograms.


Sometimes a patch may be a better option for a company to use. Patches can be created for industrial uniforms, company hats, and a host of other items. Embroidery, heat sublimation, applique, and screen printing are some of the ways that beautiful patches can be made to meet the specifications and needs of the customer.


Digitizing, when used for embroidery, is the process of taking existing artwork and turning it into a stitch file that can be replicated on an embroidery machine. In silk screening, it involves a computer taking a design and recreating it into a program that can print it directly onto a shirt or other item. In either process, digitizing allows for accuracy and faster production of the final product.

The ideas for custom tee shirts in Kansas City are endless, and each idea can be turned into a design that works for a specific client order. The final product can be simple or highly complex depending on one’s needs. Custom tee shirts allow employees to be easily recognized by customers and gives them a professional appearance at the same time.

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