The Possibility of Having Dental Services in Brick, NJ Replace Old Metal Fillings with Natural-Looking Material

People who are unhappy with the way their silver-colored metal fillings show when they smile or laugh may consider having those fillings replaced with more natural-looking material. Tooth-colored fillings are an increasingly popular option in the 21st Century, although not every dentist may feel it’s a good idea to remove functional fillings and replace them. An individual who would like to have this done may set an appointment with one of the dental services in Brick, NJ when it’s time for a checkup and find out the pros and cons to this choice.

One point to consider is that the tooth-colored fillings, known as composite fillings, are not as durable as the metal ones, known as amalgam. They are made of ceramic and resin, and don’t tend to be as resilient for crunchy, chewy or hard foods. For that reason, a professional who specializes in dental services in Brick, NJ may recommend leaving metal fillings in place in the back molars. If any metal fillings had previously been placed toward the front, replacing those is a possibility. Some individuals want to have metal removed because they worry about mercury leaking from the amalgam material. Scary rumors have developed over the years about health risks from amalgam, but dentists almost universally agree that this is not an issue. Any mercury that may escape would be so tiny that it could not be considered a health hazard.

Another important aspect is the need to drill away some of the healthy tooth material to remove old fillings and replace them with new ones. For that reason, replacing small fillings is a better option than replacing large ones. Decades ago, dentists commonly drilled away more of the tooth than was necessary to eliminate the decay; this was simply the standard procedure at the time. If someone is determined to have large ones taken out, the dentist may need to cover the tooth with a crown afterward. A dentist at Advanced Dental Sedation can answer any questions a person has about getting a brighter, more natural-looking smile without the glint of metal.

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