The Procedure of PET CT Scans in Riverhead, NY

PET CT scans in Riverhead, NY are gaining importance because of their abilities to detect the presence of abnormal tumor growths. A PET CT scan is an imaging technique using a blend of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computerized Tomography (CT) scans. The scanned image derived from this technique gives medical professionals in Riverhead, NY necessary information on tumor location and metabolism, disease diagnosis, and the evaluation of the body’s response to treatment.

The PET scan provides a report on the details of metabolism, while a CT scan provides a report on the details of anatomy. Though they can be performed separately, when these scans are performed conjointly, they generate a more thorough picture of the tumor and can detect early stages of cancer.

Anyone who is scheduled for a PET CT scan in Riverhead, NY should be well aware of the procedure.

1. First, you must fill out registration forms, which will ask you questions regarding your physical condition and insurance policy.

2. A glucose test will be performed, in which your glucose level is tested and noted. This data is vital for the PET CT scan.

3. You will have to drink a solution of barium contrast, dress in a hospital gown, and be sure to remove all metal objects from your body. This includes any metallic jewelry, hooks, snaps, or zippers.

4. You will have a small amount of radiotracer injected intravenously and then you will have to wait for 45 minutes for the radionuclide to spread throughout your body. Be advised that this IV will not be removed until the CT scan is complete.

5. After 45 minutes, you will be asked to lie down on the PET CT table for the imaging process. This could take about 30 minutes.

6. You will need to be still during imaging. The CT scan will be done first, and then the PET scan.

7. The radioactive material in your body gives off energy in the form of gamma rays. These rays are detected by a PET scanner, which creates a pictograph that offers details on the structure and function of organs and tissues in your body.

8. When you are done, the results will be sent to your physician in Riverhead, NY and he or she will be able to discuss the implications of those results with you, including possible further treatment and necessary modes of action.

If you are in need of a PET CT scan in Riverhead, NY, be sure to choose a place that can accommodate your needs as a medical patient.

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