The Process Behind Programming Today’s Electronic Vehicle Keys

In the not too distant past, every vehicle came from the dealership with a metal key that was compatible with that specific vehicle. Today, more than half of all new vehicles sold in the United States are sold without a traditional type of key, with the keyless entry and start to the vehicle becoming the most popular option in cars and light-duty trucks.

While keyless entry and start may provide an easy option for vehicle owners and drivers, it does create a problem if the key fob is lost or stolen. With the requirement for the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponder keys and the use of proximity reports, a misplaced, lost or stolen key fob renders the vehicle unusable until a replacement is provided.

The Process

Depending on the type of vehicle and how the programming is completed, different tools can be used to access the onboard computer through different connection options. This allows the electronic tool to access the stored data in the vehicle’s computer and create a new RFID transponder or to clone and program new keys.

A top example of a user-friendly and highly effective option to access this stored information using the OBD or onboard diagnostics port is the ABRITES USA AVDI tool. Compact and reliable, the device simply plugs into the port and access the required information through diagnostic communication. This information is then used to program a new key.

With RFID transponders, the company offers the ABRITES USA PROTAG system, which clones the transponder to a new fob. Fast, effective, and efficient, these solutions are used on most new vehicles on the market.

In some cases, the instrument cluster may need to be removed to access the necessary data. This may include accessing the BCM (Body Control Module) or the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to utilize the DUMP method with the ABRITES USA ABPROG. This system reads the SSID of the key, wipes out the data on the NEC chip and then reprograms the system for the new key. For more information on the use of ABRITES USA systems for programming electronic vehicle keys, see us online. We are easy to find on the web at

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