The Process Involved During Sump Pump Installation In Edison NJ

One of the few things that will strike terror in the heart of a homeowner is a water intrusion, and while not all disasters are preventable, there are a variety of tools that will help to keep a home safe. A sump pump is a submersible device that helps to remove any unwanted water from a basement and channels it away from a house and its foundation. The process of installing one requires specialized tools and knowledge to ensure that the device works reliably from the very start.

Electrical Wiring

The first step of Sump Pump Installation in Edison NJ requires wiring to ensure that the device has access to the power needed to operate. While some devices come equipped with a battery backup, it will not supply enough voltage to act as the primary source of electricity. A plumber will contract with a licensed electrician to ensure that any needed outlets are installed according to code and are safe for use.

Sump Pump Well

The purpose of a sump pump is to remove water before it has a chance to accumulate and lead to flooding. Most plumbers recommend creating a small well in the basement of a home, which will act as a collection basin for the water and prevent it from rising and leading to damage. The hole itself will be dug out and then usually lined with concrete which helps to reduce the occurrence of debris that may cause the device to clog during operation.

Exit Pipe

The last phase of Sump Pump Installation in Edison NJ is to install the exit pipe, which will channel the water away from the house. Plumbers usually recommend running the pipe so that it is level with the pump to prevent backflow, but a one-way valve will mitigate this requirement. Once the exit pipe is in place, the pump will be turned on and tested to make sure that it is operating as intended.

One of the best ways to defend against water is to install a quality sump pump system. The team at Apollo Sewer and Plumbing offers installation and maintenance services and will help keep a home dry in any type of weather. Contact us today to learn more and see how affordable a quality sump pump should be.

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