The Process of Adoption

The adoption process can be very different depending on what type of adoption you are doing.   You may choose to go through an adoption, agency, already know someone that wants you to adopt their child, you may be going doing an international adoption or may be adopting a child that you have previously fostered.  There are many reasons why you may choose to adopt a child, but first you need to be financially, physically and emotionally ready to take on the responsibility of a child.

The adoption of a child can be a wonderful experience and can run smoothly if you go through a reputable adoption, agency and have a good legal team to process your paperwork in a timely manner.  You may want to start by doing some search on the web for local adoption agencies.  You can check the better business bureau to see if they are in good standing and can also ask around to family, friends or colleagues for suggestions.  You can also look in your local phone book or check with the pastor at your local church to see if they have any recommendations on reputable companies.  It never hurts to drive to the agency and meet with a counselor and see how they run their agency and you can also ask for references from the agency so that you can do some checking up.

After you have made a decision for which agency you want to go with then you can get all of the paperwork filled out and your counselor should be able to guide you through the entire process.  Generally this includes meeting state or international regulations on home studies, medical as well as criminal background checks and also several interviews.  Once you have completed all of your paperwork then you generally have to wait until a child becomes available or until a birth mother chooses your family.  For many, this is the hardest part of the adoption process, but once you are matched with a child your agency will set you up with a lawyer who will be able to complete the paperwork and make everything legal.

The process of adopting a child may not be for everyone, not only because it is so expensive, but also because some people do not have the mental or physical capabilities to deal with the process.  Those who have been through the process have a lot of patience and find great rewards as they come to the conclusion of the process, if they have chosen a reputable agency and lawyer that help them to get their desired results.   The process of adoption take anywhere from a few months to a few years and will include a lot of paperwork, but your adoption, agency should be able to help you through the entire process.

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