The Relationship of DUI Arrests in Woodridge and Certain Times of the Year

When someone has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, relatives and close friends may want to know more about this issue and their state laws. They could be curious about when people most commonly tend to drive while intoxicated. One question might be: Do DUI arrests increase in Woodridge during the summer?

It’s difficult to find statistics on this Chicago suburb in particular. A Woodridge DUI attorney likely can provide insight into statistics on drunk driving in this community and the entire metro area.

Increased Crime in the Summer

Summer is the most common time of year not only for DUI but also for many other criminal offenses. The Department of Justice reports that violent crimes as well as burglaries are more frequent when the weather is warm. Nationwide, more vehicle crashes due to DUI occur in August, and most of those happen on Saturdays.

Increased Traffic and DUI Arrests

Why do DUI arrests increase in Woodridge during the summer? One main problem is that summer sees more traffic on highways and other roads. That boosts the chances of crashes related to intoxicated driving.

A similar problem is connected with certain holidays. Thanksgiving is a prime example. The Wednesday before that holiday always has a spike in DUI incidents. New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Independence Day also have high rates of intoxicated driving. A Woodridge DUI attorney represents defendants who want to fight the charge.

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