The Risks Of Settlement Without An Accident Lawyer

When injuries occur through the negligence of another, the injured party has the ability to take action to be compensated. This is not a simple process, with many different steps required to try to negotiate a settlement or move the case into a Tampa court.

While it may seem like representing yourself in the case is a cost-saving option, not having an experienced accident lawyer on your case can end up costing money in more than one way. It also creates potential risks in the process that someone unfamiliar with the law may not understand.

To understand the benefits of hiring an attorney and the risks of not having an accident lawyer, here are some of the most common issues that can occur for anyone trying to represent themselves.

Not Filing Documents on Time

There are limitations on the time that anyone can file a personal injury claim. This is typically two years, but the timing of the two-year deadline is not always a simple matter. Failing to file the necessary documents or incorrectly completing the filing forms can result in delays that limit your ability to bring a suit.

Not Understanding Damages

While there may be accident cases advertised in the Tampa area that result in multi-million dollar settlements, this is very rare. Even with the large settlements in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the presence of an experienced accident lawyer that could prove the case and knows what damages to request is critical in getting that decision.

In most cases, particularly with limited injuries, damages can include medical bills, loss of wages, property loss as well as pain and suffering. However, these have to be proven and are not givens in a case. Other types of damages that are associated with more significant injuries include loss of enjoyment, loss of consortium and emotional distress in addition to the damages listed above.

Keep in mind, once a settlement offer is accepted, there is no option to renegotiate the agreement if you discover you were eligible for other types of damages. Working with an attorney will ensure these types of oversights do not occur.

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