The Secret of Unique Gifts: Having Your Wedding Ring Engraved

The Knot says inscribing romantic messages onto engagement and wedding rings is one way to personalize your wedding bands. If you can’t do it with diamonds, then having your very own message inscribed into your wedding band is one way to make your partner feel loved, appreciated, and special.

While some couples go for the more traditional messages–such as I love you, To My soul mate, Always, Eternity, A&T forever or whatever your initials happen to be–you might also want to make it unique by putting it in a code no one else understands or ever will.

They say couples have their own universe. Think of your ring as a currency in that planet. Only you and your loved one know what the exchange is all about. It’s a romantic idea and just about perfect if you and your partner value privacy above all things.

How to Make It Happen
Find a jeweler with a trustworthy reputation for custom jewelry design in Phoenix AZ. Set up an appointment. Make sure you check the wording. You really wouldn’t want the jeweler to make a mistake at this point.

Research on Costs
Factors that affect the cost of the engraving usually include the font used, the number of characters inscribed and whether the inscription was done by a machine or by the jeweler’s hand. Machine engravings tend to cost less than hand-engravings because it requires more effort. However, the results with the latter might be better. So you might want to make sure you go for the second option over the first one.

Other Engraved Products
Engagement and wedding rings aren’t the only pieces you can have engraved. If you’ve got a ring as a birthday present for the best friend you have in the world or a pendant with matching inscriptions for your sister. You can even have bracelets and other pieces engraved along with watches. If your father, brother or friends love watches, then they’ll definitely appreciate receiving one from you, especially if it’s got a special message engraved at the back.

Why Custom Made?
From gifts to wedding rings to anniversary surprises, customizing your presents, personalizing them through engravings makes the gifts even more special. So if you want to really show the people you love how much you care about them, want to go the extra mile, then one way to get that message across is by giving them the best present you can find, something uniquely suited to their personality and style.

Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair offers custom jewelry services that add to the uniqueness of your gifts. Call us now and we’ll help you give your loved ones the kind of gift they deserve.

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