The Top 3 Reasons to Take Your Child to a Sedation Dentist in Tulsa OK

Parents know it’s imperative for their child to visit the dentist every year. While every parent hopes for a clean bill of health, the dentist sometimes finds something that needs be addressed. The next time your child needs a cavity filled, there are several reasons to take them to a Sedation Dentist in Tulsa OK.

Reduce Anxiety

Children are prone to anxiety, especially when they do something new or different for the first time. Getting a cavity filled may seem scary to a child. It may be difficult to get them to sit in the dental chair without kicking and screaming. In order to avoid this, sedation dentistry may be the answer.

A Sedation Dentist in Tulsa OK will make sure your child is completely at ease during the appointment. By using either inhaled gas or a prescription medication, the dentist will induce a deep state of relaxation. This makes is possible to fill the cavity without your child being fully aware of the situation.

No Pain

Sometimes the parent is more worried about the procedure than the child. They may be afraid their child will feel pain. In order to avoid any chance your child feels a thing, you should consider using sedation dentistry. During a state of sedation, your child will be oblivious to pain.

Sedation dentistry works by relaxing your child. They may even get drowsy or fall asleep. While the dentist will still use local anesthesia, sedation medications will ensure your child doesn’t feel any pain during the entire procedure.

Quicker Appointment

If a child is nervous about getting a cavity filled, they may become a difficult patient in the dental chair. Nervous children are more likely to abruptly move around or jerk during the procedure. This is not only disruptive to the dentist, but it may also become dangerous for the child.

Sedation will make is easier for your child to stay still during their appointment. Some kids even sleep through the entire treatment. Dentists can work faster and with more accuracy if the patient is calm and still during the procedure.

If your child needs dental work done, you should ask your dentist if they offer sedation dentistry to their younger patients. Contact Kid’s Dental if you’re ready to bring your child to a dentist who has plenty of experience working with little ones.

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