The Top 5 Reasons to Use Vinyl Lettering

When you are ready to order vinyl lettering for your business it’s important to understand why it’s beneficial for the future of your business. This type of lettering can range from large to small displays on glass doors and windows for your business’ storefront. Get ready to call your local signage company for quality vinyl lettering in St. Augustine area.

1. Brand Recognition – One of the most important parts of building your company is maintaining your brand in every way. Vinyl lettering that matches your vehicles, business cards, and much more can be used on your storefront to further your brand recognition. This will promote customer loyalty when they see your logo on your windows and doors.

2. Lettering Is Affordable – Vinyl lettering and business signs are an affordable option for companies that want to advertise themselves effectively. While most signs and lettering can easily cost into the thousands of dollars, vinyl is a much more affordable option. This type of lettering also affords you limitless possibilities when it comes to notifying your customers about your business information  (hours, name, and address, etc.).

3. Get Great Custom Designs – Vinyl can be designed in many different ways so you get the customized look you’ve always wanted for your company. Choose from a large range of sizes, styles, and colors. Vinyl makes it easy to promote your business with a custom design created by the professionals just for you.

4. Vinyl Is Versatile – A great reason to use vinyl lettering is because it’s versatile. This added bonus gives you the option of changing your lettering for different seasons or various themes. You can also use it to advertise certain products or services you sell. Vinyl lettering gives you the easy option of highlighting certain aspects of your business affordably.

5. Vinyl Helps You Stay in Code Compliance – It is important to remember that some areas may limit the amount of signage a business is able to use. Vinyl lettering is perfect for such codes considering it doesn’t extend beyond the front of your store. This type of lettering usually meets code requirements in even the most conservative areas.

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