The Two Most Popular Types of Residential Roofing in Wauwatosa, WI Today

Residential roofing in Wauwatosa, WI protects homes and ensures the benefits of large investments will be available for many years. Local companies like Waukesha Roofing Inc are always ready to help their clients choose appropriately from the various residential roofing options. With each type of roof bringing its own strengths and advantages to the table, deciding wisely will pay off for a long time to come.

Every Available Type of Residential Roof Has Something to Recommend It

There are now more options when it comes to residential roofing in Wauwatosa, WI than ever before. That leaves some homeowners feeling uncertain about an especially important decision, the informed advice is always available. The most popular types of residential roofs in the area today are based on materials like:

• Asphalt shingles: Shingles coated with an asphalt composite are inexpensive and well suited to use in roofing. Asphalt repels water effectively by default and will remain impervious to moisture, in most cases, for a long time. Roofs constructed using asphalt-based shingles can generally be expected to provide twenty years or so of service before needing to be replaced. Between the relatively low upfront costs and reasonable performance in most situations, many homeowners continue to opt for roofs built using asphalt shingles.

• Metal: An increasingly common choice in the area is to have a roof made using metal installed. Relatively large, unbroken sheets of metal can be assembled to leave far fewer gaps than would be present on a shingle-based roof. Appropriately treated alloys of metal will hold up well to the elements over time, even to the point of enabling decades more of service life than shingles. Although metal roofs cost quite a bit more than those made from shingles to have installed, the price per year before the replacement can easily end up being lower.

Several More Options to Consider

With roofs made from slate, tile, and wood shakes also being common, there are always at least a few possibilities worth considering when the time arrives to have a new one installed. Simply getting in touch with a local roofing company will make it easy to start exploring the options and assessing which will make the most sense. Visit the website for more information.

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