The Types of Car Brakes Repair in Federal Way, WA

The brakes are the most important safety feature in your car, and the only one that you have complete control over. For the amount of importance they have, they’re actually pretty simple. Your brakes work by pressing pads against rotors attached to your wheels. The friction of the pads slows the car down and ultimately stops your car from moving. For how simple brakes are, a lot can go wrong. The amount they’re used and the amount of pressure applied tends to cause problems. These problems are natural and unavoidable, but they’re easily treated.

Rotor Repair

Your brake rotors are the parts of your brakes that attach to the wheels, and they are where the braking power is actually applied. Because of the amount of heat and pressure applied to them, rotors are often the focus of car brakes repair in Federal Way, WA. Rotors tend to warp under the heat and pressure of braking. That creates an uneven surface which can compromise the braking power.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are easily the most common focus of car brakes repair. The brake pads apply the actual pressure to the rotors, and they wear down eventually due to the friction and pressure. There’s nothing you can do to avoid that, but you can get the pads changed quickly and easily. Since they are replaced regularly, an auto shop can fix them very quickly and easily.

Hydraulics Repairs

The brakes in your car are a hydraulic system that multiplies the amount of force in your foot to be enough to actually stop a 2,000-pound car. Those hydraulics can develop problems somewhere in the cylinders or the lines that carry the force to the rotors. If you are losing braking power, you need to take your car to a car brakes repair shop immediately.

If you are having any signs of problems with your brakes, you need to take your car to a shop right away.

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