The Use of Stem Cell Therapy in Regenerative Medicine in Torrey Hills CA

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Pain Control Clinic

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The practice of Regenerative Medicine Torrey Hills CA, is exciting for many people dealing with chronic back, knee or hip pain. It offers them a chance to relieve this pain without going through invasive surgery. Many individuals experience some relief with chiropractic care, but find that the results are better when they combine this type of alternative therapy with more conventional medical treatment, as well as physical therapy.

A health care center that includes chiropractors, medical doctors and physical therapists is equipped to help patients in a variety of ways for the best results. Regenerative Medicine Torrey Hills, CA, may involve delivering adult stem cells to areas of the spinal cord or other joints that have deteriorated due to the aging process or the effects of a traumatic injury. Arthritis develops in those joints and causes pain and dysfunction. Some particularly beneficial results have been seen in patients trying to manage knee arthritis. The disorder can gradually make their lives very difficult because of the pain when they try to be active and even when they are sitting or sleeping. Patients with serious knee arthritis have significant structural damage to the knee joint.

Regenerative medicine, as provided by a facility such as the Center For Manual Medicine, is intended to encourage cells to start growing new tissue again in a natural process. That tissue might be a ligament or tendon, or it could be cartilage or bone. Cells normally regenerate on a regular basis, but for many people, the degeneration of cells becomes a stronger process than the regeneration is. Providing stem cells to the problem area boosts regeneration and allows this part of the body to become rejuvenated and heal.

Many individuals are hesitant when they hear about stem cell therapy because they are aware of the controversy over using embryonic stem cells. They will be reassured to know that adult stem cells are used in this regenerative therapy and have proved to be very effective.

Those cells can be drawn from the patient’s own bone marrow, after which they are concentrated and injected into the places that need to be healed. Click here QC Kinetix (Torrey Hills) for more details about the regenerative medicine in Torrey Hills CA. View Testimonials.