The Value of Kiran Nagindas Vora Philanthropy in India

Kiran N. Vora is known for his charity work. As a Club Rotary of Bombay Worli member and past president, he has been involved in many projects which have saved and improved the lives of many in India. Some of the programs he has participated in include life-saving pediatric heart surgeries, the Jaipur Foot, Race for Humanity, and Quality Education. Philanthropy is such an overlooked part of society today, but its value is considered priceless. Here are some of the good things this unselfish work has accomplished.

To Walk Again

If you were missing a leg and foot, you might think you could never live a normal and happy existence again. However, the dream of walking again is now a reality for so many people in India, thanks to the Jaipur Foot. Before this technology, very few people could afford to have the best prosthetic devices. The Jaipur Foot is not only an exceptional prostatic; it is so affordable, anyone can receive its benefits.

Made to measurements Jaipur Foot is provided FREE OF COST to the beneficiary whoever comes to the specially set up Center for Jaipur Foot at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai.

Cancer Detection

Did you know over ten million people in India die each year from tobacco-related illness (according to the World Health Organization)? In fact, tobacco is a major factor in several kinds of cancer besides lung cancer. Thanks to Philanthropy efforts from Kiran Vora and others, many beneficiaries can receive free cancer screenings. With early detection, countless lives can be saved every year.

Quality Education

Every Under Privilege Child deserves an opportunity to have quality education at par with other privileged children who receives their education in private schools. Through Philanthropy initiative Kiran Vora along with others in the institution of Rotary have been providing this privilege of quality education in collaboration with expert organization who specialize in educating and training under privilege children to be as qualified and confident as their peers from private school.

Check Dams

Certain areas of the State of Maharashtra are always under serious drought situation particularly in summers. There is severe scarcity of water in those areas. Kiran Vora through the platform of Rotary has constructed Check Dams which would store water in monsoon down pours and preserving it so that the water can be used by several villages in the area particularly in summer time.

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