The Virtual Model of Bible Studies and Pursuit of Truth in a Pandemic Era

Many churches were left stranded and not knowing what to do when the pandemic first began. Churchgoers who attended often didn’t know where to go or how to follow God because they had been led by their pastors, priests and church leaders. It became apparent to most churches that a virtual model of worship and Bible studies online were necessary. The Online Church Truth Ministries Bolingbrook IL found a way to teach Bible studies online and let their members search their Bibles on their own for meaning. Here’s how the Online Church Truth Ministries Bolingbrook IL approached Bible studies during this difficult time.

Present Passages, Conduct Simple Message

Bible studies are usually lengthy things, especially when people have questions about what is being studied. With online Bible studies, the message is shortened and focused, and the passages people are expected to study on their own are given. The core of the online meeting is about twenty minutes or less. This allows members to take away a bite-size chunk of truth and go study it on their own when they have time.

Determining the Truth

Truth is something that can be seen from different angles. Deciding what is truth and what is fiction happens on a daily basis in everyone’s lives. The approach to this particular church is for members to study the Bible with guidance from the pastor and then read and make their own determinations.

If you are interested in joining a Bible study with Truth Ministries online, go to for more info.

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