The Work of an Expungement Lawyer in Union Township

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Legal Advice

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In some point of our lives, we may have made mistakes which led to the courtroom. Though not anyone’s idea of a good memory, it is a part of life we have to accept if it has happened. This is when you will need the services of an expungement lawyer. Union Township in eastern New Jersey is one of the places ranked among the best places to live in USA. It is a small township, with a population of about 20,000 people in all; but very rich. The iron industry has made many business families here significantly rich. When first time offenders have served their due sentence and paid their fines; they are liable for a legal process whereby their criminal record can be expunged from federal and State records. To maintain family stature, this is a common process to help secure a better future without a permanent criminal record to show.

Expungement is not easy to get from court. They are available only for minor offenses from first time offenders, and that too, is at the sole discretion of the judges and jury concerned. The process is simply a plea to the court to have your name removed from visible federal records to keep your reputation alive. However, if you think it’s easy to get your criminal past removed, you’re mistaken. The first thing you need is a good expungement lawyer. Union Township, with its high standard of living has many such attorneys, but there are only certain scenarios where you can apply for such a plea at court.

Firstly, there is no scope of getting your records expunged more than once. It is a ‘once only’ deal, and breech of any of the rules prescribed after expungement is considered a serious offense. If you are found guilty of any other minor or major crime after such a  motion, the fall outs are more severe than normal mandates. Secondly, remember that most expungement cases are short, and rejection by court is common if the plea isn’t made properly; which has a lot of formalities to abide by.

It is a fact that a rich family’s member has more chance of being involved in minor offenses like sexual harassment, driving under influence, or physical aggression. This is, you have to keep in mind that major crimes can rarely see success even if you have the best possible expungement lawyer. Union Township folk are business families and industrialists with a dire need to protect public reputation.