Things to Check in the Bathroom When Student Apartment Hunting

Out of all the rooms in a home, you probably spend the least amount of time in the bathroom. That being said, it’s arguably one of the most important. If you’re out hunting for student apartments near Western Washington University, then check out the following list. It contains things you should check for in the bathroom when looking at new digs.

Water Pressure

Do you enjoy showers with low water pressure? If you don’t, then make sure to turn on the shower during your apartment hunt. It’s easier to find an apartment with better water pressure than it is to have the pressure augmented once you’ve moved in. Also, don’t forget to check the sink’s pressure levels as well.


Sure, every bathroom you view will have lighting, but is it the right kind of lighting? In general, you want at least two lights in your bathroom. One of them should be a general light that illuminates the entire space. The other should illuminate the mirror area, including the person standing in front of the mirror.


Of course, you’ll find a toilet in every apartment you consider. However, give the toilet a whirl to make sure it has a strong flush. Additionally, make sure it doesn’t run after the bowl has been refilled.


Bathrooms aren’t closets, but they should have some element of storage. Without it, you’ll be lugging items in and out of the bathroom frequently. Look for cabinets, medicine chests, and cupboards. Also, look for space for baskets and shelves you may want to add later.

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