Things To Consider When Choosing A Powder Handling System Manufacturer

Dealing with powders can be tricky and challenging. Therefore, you need machines that are proper designs. It helps improve efficiency, safety, lower expenses, and boost equipment longevity. To get the proper equipment, you need to find the right manufacturer. Below are considerations to keep in mind.


There are a lot of industries that manufacture powder handling systems and processing equipment. Therefore, you need to work with an experienced manufacturer to acquire high-quality equipment design. There are different types of powders. They have varying flow rates, cause different hazards and risks, and at times need unique equipment. It may mandate

• Special dust collection systems to control combustible dust
• Select conveyor systems to control flow issues
• Special weighing systems with accurate sensitivity and accuracy

Working with an experienced powder-handling systems manufacturer will ensure they address all the unique aspects.

Weighing Instruments

Powders are challenging when it comes to weighing and measuring. For example, powders prone to flushing are hard to measure without the right gate on the measurement device. Micro ingredients powders should be measured with precise tolerances and require meticulous measurement and calibration. To achieve this, an experienced manufacturer with access to various measurement and weighing equipment can be helpful.

High-Quality Materials

Different powders work well with different materials. For instance, powders for food processing work well with food-grade stainless steel. In addition, the food machinery should be made using good manufacturing practices. These practices include good welding techniques, hermetic sealing, and sanitation requirements.

However, some powders might be prone to humidity and show caustic qualities, accumulating static electricity, or other factors. Therefore, using the right kind of steel, plastic, other materials and experience with the proper welding methods can ensure the equipment is suitable.

The powder is a difficult material to work with during production. Therefore, you need to get the right equipment to produce high-quality products.

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