Things to Look for in Industrial Floor Coating

According to reports by “Everything about Concrete,” concrete mixed with different kinds of materials can have different qualities. Six different types of concrete mixtures are identified across construction sectors worldwide. Similarly, different industrial floor coating products also have many different qualities; you can find the right one based on your requirements.

Industrial Floor Coating- Must have qualities:

Of all the qualities in an Industrial floor coating solution, here are some must-have ones to look for:

1. Ability to withstand pressure: Any kind of industrial floor will be subject to extreme conditions, due to the nature of work involved. Hence, when selecting industrial floor coating, look for its ability to withstand high pressure and force. Also, ask the supplier about the psi levels of the solution, for every inch of the solution done. Also, look for tests that validate the claims of the company.

2. Protection against corrosion: Look for a solution that not only helps protect against corrosion, but also as a waterproofing agent for the floor surface. The solution should not let water seep through, thus protecting from cracks and dents in the floor. The industrial floor coating should also have a rubber-like base, which helps prevent moisture from damaging the industrial floor.

3. Safer working environment: Industrial floor coating products can also help reduce friction on the floor, giving it a smoother and glossier finish. However, it should not compromise with the floor grip. Having a shop floor which is slippery can lead to fatal accidents especially due to heavy machinery placed around it. One can also look for reflective surfaces in floor coatings to make the floor well illuminated.

4. Immune to chemical spillage: The best floor coatings are not only aesthetic, but also able to withstand chemical spillage, including industrial bleach and leaking water from batteries. Though it will be unfair to look for industrial floor coating products that can repel strong acids, it should not be so weak to cause damage from any chemical. Hence, industries that use these chemicals must opt for special anti-chemical coating over regular industrial coating.

5. Affordable solution: Factory owners and proprietors should look for solutions that are affordable. Look for floor coating solutions that cost much lesser than getting a floor replacement.

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