Things to Prepare Before the Railings Systems Installation in Venice

The number one safety item for staircases is the railing system. This system provides a convenient handhold for traversing the stairs. Since this is a necessity, many building codes require it. While the railing is required by law, it can also be a stylish part of the staircase. Since it is also the largest part of the staircase, the railing will also make a design statement. Once the design is settled on, these are a few things to have checked out before the installation.

The first thing to have checked out is the integrity of the staircase. If there is damaged or warped wood, the steps will need to be replaced before the Railing Systems Installation in Venice proceeds. A strong support is needed to ensure that railing is secured in place and doesn’t warble around. The supports may have to be replaced if they are aren’t strong enough to support the railing.

Make sure to measure the width of the railings. Compare it to the space allotted for the stairs. Keep in mind that the railings will decrease the width of the staircase. If you already have limited space, the railings may need to be streamlined to minimize the impact on this area. Make sure to measure both sides of the staircase to determine how much space the railings will take up. If you need more clearance, consider slicker and narrower railings.

Take a time to look at the slope of the stairs. While most stairs are designed to meet certain building codes, those can vary a little bit between cities. While the railing systems installation in Venice will be designed to accommodate the slope, adjustments may need to be made on sight. The slope can vary if there is any type of warping in the staircase or if there is a weird transition happening on the stairs.

The addition of a railway is integral to improving the safety of all types of staircases. While the design of the railings can enhance the overall style, there are a few things to consider before the installation day. Contact Fabri Tech for more information on the different designs available as well as what to expect for the installation.

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