Thinking of Replacing the Air Conditioner? Ask These Three Questions First!

All home heating and air conditioning systems eventually need replacing. Given the expense, it’s no wonder that many homeowners weigh their options carefully before starting to look at possible replacements. Are you thinking of replacing your current system? Before you make a decision, it pays to ask professionals with local air conditioning companies in Charleston, SC, a few questions. Make sure these three are on the list.

Would My System Work a Few More Years With a Few Inexpensive Repairs?

Do you really need a new system? Perhaps the problems with the present one would be simple and inexpensive to remedy. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional take a look at your AC unit. After a thorough inspection, a professional can tell you what it would take to repair the system and provide a general idea of how much longer it would last.

If the cost is affordable and the projection indicates the system would last for another few years, consider opting for repairs. At the very least, it provides more time for you to compare possible replacements.

What Are Some Signs That a Replacement is Better Than a Repair?

There are times when professionals will confirm that a system is not worth repairing. That’s true when several major components are not expected to last much longer. It’s also true when the cost of repairs would come close to the total expense of replacing the system with something new. Even the age of the present unit will factor into the recommended course of action. Fortunately, professionals with air conditioning companies in Charleston, SC, can sit down with you and discuss all the reasons why replacing your unit now is better than investing any more money in your older system.

Will a Replacement Really Lower My Energy Costs?

Many factors influence the energy efficiency of your home. Insulation and the quality of the windows are two examples. Assuming the windows are energy efficient and the insulation is up to par, a new air conditioning unit is likely to save a reasonable amount of energy each month.

Before you decide that the only option is to replace your older system, talk with a couple of professionals with air conditioning companies in Charleston, SC. Ask plenty of questions and listen to their answers. Doing so will make it a lot easier to determine what course of action is best for now.

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